Top 7 Best 300cc bikes in India 2024

Are you looking for a bike that is not too big or too small? A 300cc bike would be the perfect fit. There are many different types of bikes on the market, but we have found some of the best ones for you to consider.

Most people who are looking for a motorcycle don’t know the difference between different classes. If you’re looking for a 300cc bike, this blog post is just what you need! We have compiled an extensive list of some of the best motorcycles in India that are available at all price points. So if you’re on the market, keep reading to find out which bikes will be perfect for your needs!

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TVS Apache RR310

The TVS Apache RR310 is a made in India Sports bike that excels on the track, but many riders use it for touring.
To address this issue and offer more variety to its customers, the brand launched an upgraded model with adjustable KYB suspensions in 2022.

The Indian motorbike, the RR310 comes with a 312.2 cc engine that can produce 34 PS at 9,700 RPM and 27.3 Nm torque at 7,700 RPM. It also has 4 riding modes like Urban for daily use; Sports mode is used on highways or long rides; Rain mode increases damping of front suspension to prevent skidding in wet conditions while Track enhances performance level by maximizing rear wheel grip through reduced traction control intervention along with an increase in throttle response among other things.”

The features include Wet multi-plate slipper clutch and liquid-cooled engines mated 6 gears which are great safety measures it offers a 300mm brake disc upfront 240 mm turned outfitted dual-channel ABS system for added security.

2022 updates TVS Apache RR310 is priced at Rs. 2,59,990/- for the base model.

BMW 310 GS

BMW 310GS is an entry-level Adventure motorcycle from BMW Motorrad. The design is borrowed from big brothers like 850GS and 1250GS.

The BMW G 310 GS is powered by a 313cc BS6 engine, producing 33.52 bhp of power and a torque of 28 Nm.

It has a seat height of 835mm and you get an upfront comfortable riding position which is perfect for touring. It weighs 175 KGS and comes with Slipper and assist clutch.
With dual-channel ABS, you get a 300mm Front Brake and 240mm Rear brakes which are not bad at all.


The 2021 BMW G 310 R is a street bike that’s available in one variant and three colours. Powered by a 313cc BS6 engine, it outputs 33.52 bhp with 28 Nm torque at your disposal to take care of your nimble riding needs on the road!

The powerful motor also has both front disc brakes as well as rear ones for safe stopping power when needed most – this means no more worrying about getting locked up because there are none better out there than these anti-lock units who will save even the biggest monster from its inevitable fate).

Not only do they reduce stop time but also help maintain rider confidence too since you’ll know instantly when something funky goes down thanks

Mahindra Mojo 300

The Mahindra Mojo is a sleek, well-built motorcycle that has been specifically designed for Indian roads.

The bike comes with different colour options and top variants starting from 2 grand! With both front & rear disc brakes, you’ll have the utmost confidence in your riding abilities whether on smoothly paved streets or dirt tracks alike thanks to its anti-lock braking system (ABS).

This powerful 250 cc engine produces 25bhp at 6800 rpm while delivering torque figures between 24 nm up until 4500rpm– perfect if speed isn’t something we’re worried about too much since most drivers will only go over 60 mph maximum when out exploring unknown territory like large cities less travelled

CFMoto 300NK

CFMoto is an Indian motorcycle company that released the 300NK, designed for those who love to ride on twisty roads. Its engine produces a maximum power of 33 PS with torque at 20 NM!

The brakes are double-disc systems equipped with so riders can enjoy their trip even more by not worrying about flats or losing any air pressure when riding through hilly areas.

With the CFMoto 300NK, you can ride in any mode that suits your mood. It comes equipped with a digital speedometer and LED tail light to make sure there are never moments of darkness when riding at night or if it’s really sunny out! You’ll also find an alloy wheel on this bike for added style points.”

Jawa 42

The JAWA 42 2.1 is the perfect motorcycle for those who want an affordable and reliable ride! This bike has a price tag of ₹ 1,67,487 Excluding taxes at the showroom which makes it cheaper than anything else on wheels around here.

The BS6 compliant engine powered by liquid-cooled 293cc with 27 bhp & torque is mated to 6-speed manual transmission making this variant easier when riding in traffic jams or narrow alleyways if your preference is cruising through open roads then there’s no problem because both front disc brakes are equipped alongside single-channel ABS.

Halogen headlamps and Spoke tubed tyres fitted perfectly onto its rims, giving off that vintage look we all love so much.

Jawa Classic

The JAWA Standard is a motorcycle that has an extravagant price tag of ₹ 1,80,351 ex-showroom.

It’s powered by the BS6 engine which is liquid-cooled and produces 27hp with 27 Nm torque for its 293cc motor in 6th gear at 3800 rpm; this means it can reach speeds up to 80 km/h (50 mph). The bike features both front disc brakes and a single-channel ABS on-demand braking system, stopping Student Safe!

There’s also Spoke wheels fitted with tubeless tires so if you plan any off-road activities then make sure your riding skills are sharp because there won’t be much traction when things get tough – like they always do if.

Kawasaki Ninja 300

Kawasaki Ninja 300 is a sports motorcycle that has an affordable price tag of ₹3,18,000 Ex.

Showroom! Powered by a 296 cc Liquid Cooled BS6 engine it outputs 38 bhp with 26 Nm torque and comes mated to 6-speed manual transmission for your driving pleasure..

The bike also features both front disc brakes as well as dual-channel ABS which takes care of all safety concerns you might have while riding this beautiful machine on the road or track side by side next time around town – be safe always remember what matters most are those close ones who’s waiting at home eagerly awaiting news about how things went.
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The Kawasaki Ninja 300 features all the latest technology, including alloy wheels fitted with tubeless tires. The headlight is Halogen and it has lights for making your night ride safe!


300CC BikesEx. Showroom
BMW 310 GS₹ 3,00,000
BMW G310R₹ 2,60,000
Mahindra Mojo 300‎₹1,99,900.00
CFMoto 300NK₹2,29,000.00
Jawa 42₹ 1,67,487
Jawa Classic₹ 1,80,351
Ninja 300₹3,18,000.00

We hope this article has given you some insight into the best 300cc bikes in India. Now all that’s left is for you to go out and buy your perfect bike! But before you do, don’t forget to read our buyer’s guide so that when it comes time to purchase a new motorcycle, you know what questions the dealer or seller asks. Happy riding!

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